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C. Fernie & Co has been a trusted name in ship agency services in Panama since 1920. For over a century, they've been dedicated to supporting ship owners, operators, charterers, logistics, and crew management companies in navigating the challenges of the Panama Canal and the ports of Panama.

Welcoming a New Era

Strategy - Brand Identity - Brand Collateral - Web Design - Stationary

Shipping Industry

Panama City, Panama

Fernie & Co.

The Challenge

As a company with a rich history and experienced management, they sought to bridge the generation gap and connect with a new breed of decision-makers within their client companies. Our aim was to rejuvenate the image without compromising the credibility and experience that defines C. Fernie & Co.

The Solution

In an intensive discovery session, we took a bold step toward our future. We redefined our mission, vision, and positioning statements to reflect our commitment to innovation and adaptability.

A complete rebrand was the key to staying relevant and appealing to a new generation of clients. The brand colors transitioned from the traditional red-orange-yellow to a vibrant and fresh blue-green combination, symbolizing the willingness to embrace change and embrace the future.

To shed the weight of tradition and complexity, our old, intricate logo was replaced with a minimalist and responsive combination mark, emphasizing our commitment to simplicity and efficiency.

It has been a great pleasure to work with you on our project. You have done a great job of putting our ideas into focus and interpreting the goals and objectives we wanted to reach. I will for sure be contacting you in the future for other projects.

Charles M. Langman - Board Member C. Fernie & Co

Ready When You Are

Crafting Trust and Recognition:

The Power of Strategic Brand Design

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