Pilates Nomads

A traveling pilates instructor who created a platform for instructors, studio owners and Pilates practitioners who embrace the authentic Pilates method. Her vision is to connect people all over the world who share the passion for Classical Pilates.


Identity, Print, Digital & Web


Pilates Nomads / Austria



Find your Classical Pilates Studio,

wherever you are.

The logo represents the strength of the spine which is fundamental in Pilates while the infinity symbol stands for continuous proces it takes in life.  

The chosen font Montserrat pairs the simplicity and strength of the logo. The greens in the color scheme reflects the growth or new beginning. 

Web & Mobile

Responsive web and mobile website. This platform is mostly to find a Pilates studio worldwide or to book classes online. The focus is on mobile design.


Illustrations for Social Media

A selection of illustrations in a brand theme, that have been used in a social media project to explain some basic movements of the Classical Pilates method by Joseph Pilates.

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