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A connection hub for Pilates enthusiasts around the world, uniting them into a thriving community and supporting their journey towards a healthy lifestyle. The online programs are meticulously designed by Pilates instructors for instructors, with a clear goal: to empower our community members to continuously learn and evolve in their Pilates practice.

Joining Pilates Lovers

The Pilates Link

Strategy - Visual Identity 



The Challenge

As a startup, The Pilates Link faced a pivotal challenge. They needed a distinct visual identity to establish a strong presence on social media, where they primarily attracted their clients. The next phase of their expansion involved enhancing their online presence with a dedicated website.

The Solution

The heart of this identity was the logo, which featured a symbol that beautifully represented the idea of connecting enthusiasts globally and growing as a community. The world was symbolized through a simple magic circle, a fundamental Pilates tool. These magic circles were cleverly interwoven, signifying a connection between individuals. 

The brand style guide was established as a foundational resource for in-house graphic designers, streamlining the creation of both online and offline applications.

Olivier's collaboration was fantastic, bringing his expert perspective to every step. His remarkable sense of style resonates with our clients. We consistently receive praise for our website, clear navigation and unique style that represent our company's values.

Kristina and Nizar Tagi -  owners MYR Family Office, Monaco

Ready When You Are

Crafting Trust and Recognition:

The Power of Strategic Brand Design

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