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About me

Olivier is a brand identity designer with a wealth of experience across multiple industries.


After completing his graphic studies in Belgium in 1995, Olivier embarked on a journey to explore the world and gain real-life experience by working and living in various countries and cultures. He served as a representative for a leading global travel company, gaining valuable skills in representing the company at different levels.

Olivier also ventured into entrepreneurship by starting his own brand in the beauty sector and launching a yacht service agency.

Today, Olivier specializes in brand design for the yachting industry. His true passion is creating unique brand identities that capture the essence of each client's vision, and is committed to delivering exceptional work with every project.


With his extensive experience in graphic design and diverse background in different fields, Olivier brings a wealth of knowledge to his work. He strives to create beautiful, functional, and meaningful designs that help his clients achieve their goals.

I believe in a beautiful nautical world, in all senses

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