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Archos Search is a European boutique executive search agency focused on LifeScience recruitment, partnering with innovative Biotech and SME Life science organisations. They help clients to hire the right people within technical functions and markets. 

Horizons of Talent

Strategy - Brand Identity - Brand Collateral - Web Design - Stationary - Marketing Materials

Executive Search and Recruitment

London, UK

Archos Search

The Challenge

As Archos Search prepared to launch its boutique recruitment agency, the task at hand was to establish a suitable brand identity and create an online extension of their business card – a website that would not only reflect their expertise but also set the stage for their unique approach to talent acquisition.

The Solution

The solution focused on a sharp, timeless brand identity that matched Archos Search's values. The project also included a modern online presence with an interactive job board and efficient job descriptions. Additionally, we developed a pitch deck, newsletter templates, and professional brand collaterals. Now, Archos Search is ready to enter the market as a unique and responsive talent acquisition agency, driven by its core values of flexibility, transparency, and personalization, ultimately assisting clients in achieving long-term success.

Olivier understood what I wanted and what I was doing and translated that into brand identity and the website. Proactive and coming back to me when needed to achieve the deadline.

Brieuc Baeckeroot - Founder & Director Archos Search

Ready When You Are

Crafting Trust and Recognition:

The Power of Strategic Brand Design

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