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A Blend of Ambition and Authenticity

In the heart of the Central Highlands of Vietnam, an ambitious Belgian couple embarked on a remarkable journey. Their mission? To share the natural, authentic flavors of Vietnamese coffee with enthusiasts worldwide, all while maintaining a strong commitment to sustainability.

Belvico Coffee

Food Industry

Vietnam & Belgium

Web Design

The Challenge

As the coffee business grew, the need arose for a dedicated e-commerce platform. However, the challenge was to create this platform with logistical and company structural considerations in mind. Specifically, it needed to be aligned with the European market, with a strong focus on Belgium. This required the brand attributes to be finely tuned to this region while preserving the original brand's look and feel.

The Solution

A website was designed to be easily maintained in-house, allowing for the management of different stocks and price strategies. The outcome was a multi-lingual website with a distinctly European vibe, achieved through carefully adapted imagery that resonated with the target audience in this part of the world. The new platform effortlessly represented the same authentic brand while specifically catering to the Belgian and European market

Clear communication and open to any suggestion for the setup of the website, followup and support after is there and very helpful.

Claudia De Brabandere -  Marketing Manager Belvico Coffee 

Ready When You Are

Crafting Trust and Recognition:

The Power of Strategic Brand Design

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