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Striking a Balance Between Tradition and Innovation

Leader in Tanker Operations At the Panama Canal since 1914, with depth of knowledge and refined market understanding, the ship agency services are capable of attending all types of port calls from Panama Canal transits to all ports within the Republic of Panama.

Wilford & Mckay

Shipping Industry

Panama City, Panama

Strategy - Brand Identity - Brand Collateral - Web Design - Stationary 

The Challenge

Facing the ever-changing tides of the maritime industry, Wilford McKay, a stalwart ship agency at the Panama Canal since 1914, grappled with a distinctive question: How could they modernize their image and online presence to not only preserve their legacy but also captivate the attention of a new generation of decision-makers in client companies.

The Solution

In order to harmonize its rich history with the evolving industry landscape, we helped Wilford McKay reassess and update its existing mission, vision, and positioning statements.

With the premium rebranding initiative, Wilford McKay is set apart from competitors and aligns with the broader group's branding. The new brand identity radiated sophistication and credibility, proving essential for both retaining loyal clients and captivating a fresh, discerning audience.

Wilford McKay's activities found a more transparent and engaging showcase on a modern website, complete with intuitive navigation and user-friendly contact forms. This transformation equipped Wilford McKay to interact more efficiently with clients and nurture new leads.

It has been a great pleasure to work with you on our project. You have done a great job of putting our ideas into focus and interpreting the goals and objectives we wanted to reach. I will for sure be contacting you in the future for other projects.

Charles M. Langman - Board Member Wilford & Mckay

Ready When You Are

Crafting Trust and Recognition:

The Power of Strategic Brand Design

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